Dr. Bob Biewer DES MSc

Dr. Claire Kolb

Dr. Susan Plutus


a wide range of outpatient oral surgery

While we work hard to help patients avoid invasive dental procedures, there are times in which oral surgery is required. We are confident that we can address all types of dental concerns, including those that demand complex procedures and more advanced surgical techniques.

We perform oral surgery using the highest level of precision, combining a great surgical experience in regenerative medecine with the most innovative advancements in imaging and technology. Whether we are providing superior, patient-centered care at every step. We value the importance of keeping our patients informed of what to expect during and after oral surgery. We offer the following dental surgery options in the comfort of our office:

          Mucogingival Esthetic Surgery for gum recession treatment

          Wisdom teeth and cyst removal

          Endodontic surgery


          Bone grafting and bone regeneration procedures

          Bone augmentation procedures